Ophthalmological system for photodynamic therapy


The device is  intended for treatment and fluorescent diagnostics  of the number of retinal vascular disorders using photodynamic therapy.

Specific program designed for the system enables to set automatically dose of laser radiation
according to the  dimension of pathological foci at the retina.

 Ophthalmological system consists of Photodynamic therapy laser Device, slit lamp, adapter for transfer of image to a computer screen and attachment for input of laser radiation to slit lamp.

Wavelength,nm 665±5
Effective range of medium power of operating laser radiation of Photodynamic therapy device UPL-FDT, mW (75700)±5
Diameter of laser radiation spot on eyeground, mm 2/6
Laser radiation exposure time, s 83
Diameter of cable-patch, mkm 400
Cable-patch interface SMA-905
Voltage, V 230
Power frequency, Hz 50±0,5
Complete power Less than 180 W
Total weight, kg 30