Tv & thermal vision rangefinding device “Caponier”


The Caponier TV-Thermal Imaging Rangefinder is designed for:

- observation of background and target conditions;

- visual detection and recognition of ground targets of the “person, car” type during the day and at night, as well as in conditions of poor visibility and changing illumination;

- measuring the distance to the targets and determining the coordinates of the target;

- determining the elevation and azimuth of targets;

- determination of the own location of the observation device in latitude and longitude with reference to the global satellite navigation systems GPS and GLONASS;

- recalculate the observation device’s own location into a rectangular Gauss-Kruger coordinate system (GK);

- calculation of target coordinates in the rectangular coordinate system GK, taking into account the data obtained;

- preparation and transfer of the received information to external devices via the Ethernet interface.

The device can be used at any time of the day, in bright sunlight and in conditions of poor visibility and rapidly changing illumination. In conditions with a low background illumination, the operation of the observation device is ensured by using both thermal night and television daytime channels.

Type of image colored
Range of operating illumination conditions 0,5 ÷ 10 000 lk
Spectral range 0,5 ÷ 1 mkm
Angular F.O.V. (variable) 1,6° ÷ 60°
Range of target detection type «person in camouflage – wearing color and type of equipment» Not less than 1000 m
Range of target detection type «vehicle» (side view) Not less than 4500 m
Operating wavelength 905 ± 20 nm
Range of measuring distances (Maximum visibility range – 10 km) 50 ÷ 4500 m (target size ≥2 mrad)
RMS error (accuracy) of range measurement ± 5 m
Rate of target measuring 0,5 sek
Spectral range 10 ÷ 12 mkm
F.O.V. 6,2° х 4,7°
Digital magnification 2Х, 4Х
Range of target detection type «person» 2000 m
Range of target detection type «vehicle» (side view) 4500 m
OLED Display formate 12 х 9 mm (800 х 600 pixels)
Distance to exit pupil from the surface of the last eyepiece lens Not less than 27 mm
Diopter adjustment range -5 ÷ +5 dptr
Compass GPS/GLONASS -receiver
The range of determination of the angle of orientation of the electronic compass in the horizontal plane (azimuth) 0 - 6000 ppm (or 0-360 °)
Standard deviation (error) of measuring the orientation angle of the electronic compass in the horizontal plane (azimuth) 9 ppm (or 0.5 °)
Standard deviation (error) of measuring the elevation angle of a target in the vertical plane 9 ppm (or 0.5 °)
Positioning System Standard GPS, GLONASS
Type of coordinate determination Geographic, rectangular
Standard deviation (error) of determining the coordinates of the instrument location 5 mm
Weight of the device 5,2 kg
Weight of external battery 0,8 kg
Weight of charging device 0,4 kg
Weight of tripod 4,4 kg
Weight of backpack 2,3 kg
Weight of device in transportation case (no tripod and backpack) 12,0 kg
Housing material aluminum
Overall dimensions 295 – 260 – 143 mm
POWER SUPPLY - from internal accumulator (LiPo, 8,7 Ah, 7.4 V);
- from external battery (LiPo, 17,4 Ah, 7,4 V);
- from external power supply 27 V;
- AC mains with voltage 220V±10%.
Operation time by using internal accumulator Not less than 6 hours
Operation time by using external battery Not less than 12 hours
Operating temperature range - 30 … + 55 °С
Data transferring Interface Ethernet