Sights, observation devices, laser equipment

Optical sights Read more
Optical sights are designed for precise targeting of various types of weapons in the daytime and at dusk (with reticle illumination), and can also be used for area observation and approximate distance measurement by reticle rangefinding scale (if the size of the object is known). Optical sights are divided into two main groups: with constant and variable magnification (zoom). Zoom Optical sights allow you to change the angular field of view.
Red-Dot Sights Read more
Red-Dot (Collimator) Sights - modern, lightweight, simple and reliable devices, designed for fast and accurate aiming of weapons at daytime and at twilight conditions. Red-Dot sight is an optical device in which a constantly visible aiming mark is formed by the diode. It is enough to match the aiming mark with the target without carefully positioning the sight relative to the shooter's eyes. The sights are sealed and filled with dry nitrogen to avoid fogging of the internal optical surfaces.
Night Vision Sights and Devices Read more
Night vision devices provide observation and aiming in natural night light conditions (starlight and moonlight). NVDs use the principle of image intensification. An optical system containing a lens, an IIT (Image Intensification Tube), and an eyepiece collects the available light reflected by the observed objects and projects the intensified image into the operator's eye. The products use IIT generation 2+ and 3 with green or black-and-white screens.
Thermal Vision Sights and Observation Devices Read more
Thermal vision sights and devices are designed for detection, recognition and identification of objects in difficult visible conditions (fog, dust, smoke) or complete darkness. Thermal sensor of the device (sight) detects the temperature difference and contrast between the observed object and the background.
Laser Rangefinders and Laser Rangefinding Modules Read more
Laser rangefinders are used for quick and precise distance measurement for spatial objects. Portable laser rangefinders can be equipped with a ballistic calculator, a magnetic compass, inclination sensor, and a GPS sensor. Rangefinding modules are designed for integration into complicated optoelectronic devices and systems and provides distance measurement and data transfer to the main control board.
Laser Target Designators and Laser Modules Read more
Laser designators are designed for quick aiming of weapons at short and medium shooting distances. Visible designators (red laser radiation – 670 nm, or green – 525 nm) provide aiming in the daytime, infrared designators (830-860 nm) are used for aiming in combination with night vision sights and observation devices at twilight and night conditions.