BS-LG Bore Sight Laser Collimator


BS-LG Green Laser Bore Sight Collimator could be used with multiple types of barrel inserts, including:

- 9 mm (9x18, 9x19);

- 5,45x39; -5,56x45;

-7,62mm (7,62x39, 7,62x54, 7,62x51 NATO)

- and others, including designing of barrel inserts by Customer request.

BS-LG forms on a spot of green laser radiation on a target.

Radiation wavelength 532 nm - BS-LG (Green Laser)
Output power of laser radiation not less than 1 mW
Output beam divergence not more than 0.5 mrad
Deviation from parallelism of axes not more than ±1'
Power source CR123A type with rated voltage of 3 V
Overall dimensions 100x25x45 mm
Weight 0.15 kg
Operating temperature range from minus 10 to plus 45 °C