DS 4x28 SPARK Optical Sight

DS 4x28 SPARK Optical Sight

By the end of 2019, Scientific & Technical Center LEMT finished the development and prototype production of Light 4x-magnification and wide F.O.V. DS 4x28 SPARK Optical Sight.

DS 4x28 SPARK Optical Sight bringing together best ideas of Prism Scope Concept:
- compact design and low-profile mounting (especially important on AK-platforms and allows to aim without cheek rest without any comfort losses);
- lightweight;
- wide exit pupil;
- high quality of image cleanness as a result of using multilayer optical coating;
- convenient ballistic reticle with rangefinding scale;
- Wide F.O.V. (10,5⁰);
- optical filter for decreasing glare effects;
- built-in double color reticle illumination – Red, for operation in twilight conditions, and Green – for convenient operation in daytime and bright sunlight conditions;
- mounting base for Micro-Red-Dot Sight, which allows to use sighting complex on medium (250 – 600 m) and short (15 – 50 m) distances;

The sight is comfortably placed both on AK-type rifles and on AR-type carbines - an additional bracket may be required to increase the height of the aiming line and ensure the correct tab.





Lens objective diameter

28 mm

Built-in reticle illumination

12 positions: Red & Green

Power Supply

1 х CR2032

Adjustment step

1 cm / 100 m

Protection level

IP 67

Mounting Standard

«Picatinny rail MIL-STD1913»

Operating temperature range

- 40 … + 55 ºС

Overall Dimensions

160х70х70 mm


0,4 kg


The sight is under practical testing. It is planned to launch the device into mass production. The first DS 4x28 SPARK samples will be demonstrated at IWA 2020 (Germany) and DSA 2020 (Malaysia).




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